EXPOSED! Arvind Kejriwal Asked To Repay Advertisement Expenses


Aam Aadmi Party has turned out to be more of Arvind Advertising Party where AAP has spent last year publishing Kejriwal ads in leading newspapers across the country. No other chief minister of any other state does that. Every radio station and newspaper across India had Arvind Kejriwal flashed across publicising his antics in Delhi.

In same breath, he would whine how Modi and LG aren’t letting him work. So, if he says they were talking about good work done by Delhi govt in other states, then by his logic, if Modi and LG didn’t let him work, what were they even advertising? How is this contradiction completely lost on this mad man?

But all is not lost. The LG has asked the Rs. 97 crore of public money spent on advertising Arvind Kejriwal back to the government.


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