Kejriwal Gets Trolled On Twitter

Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal’s cyber army ‘announced’ his arrival in Gujarat on 26th March. Just yesterday the @AAPGujarat team cried fowl over their Twitter account suspension which we believe is their own doing.

Today early morning they started trending “#ગુજરાત_માં_આવશે_કેજરીવાલ” hashtag on Twitter when their minion one dentist (again, we believe it is a fake account, like most of Kejriwal followers are) posted this tweet:

gujarat aavshe1


Of course, their social media warriors got activated and pretty soon it was trending.

However, their plan backfired as more and more people started mocking the trend. After the embarrassing defeat in Goa where 38 out of 39 candidates lost their deposits, including AAP Goa’s CM candidate Elvis Gomes, the fact that Kejriwal is even trying to focus elsewhere other than Delhi is an extremely shameful matter.

Soon tweets mocking Kejriwal poured in and this is how it looked:

gujarat aavshe3gujarat aavshe2gujarat aavshe5gujarat aavshe4

This is how Kejriwal has reduced himself to a joke.


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