EXPOSED! AAP Goa’s Embarrassing Defeat

Everyone knows how Arvind Kejriwal and his team are social media warriors. Every few days they trend how there is an AAP wave across the country. Fortunately, this “wave” is only on social media by the AAPtards who think Kejriwal is their god.

Few days before the elections, Ashutosh, Arvind Kejriwal’s senapati tweeted how AAP is sweeping Goa with 41.9% vote share. This was their “internal survey” which put such a high figure for themselves.

goa internal survey

A wise leader is someone who takes criticism in his stride and praises with truckloads of salt. But not our King Kejriwal. King Kejriwal has surrounded himself with only those who agree with his whims. If you counter, you are a Modi agent.

But then, thankfully, people are seeing right through his lies. Where AAP was sweeping Goa, according to their “internal survey”, the reality was in fact far from it.

Here is what actually happened:

aap goa result

Even their chief minister candidate, Elvis Gomes lost his deposit!

elvis gomes

Well, not surprising, eh?


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