EXPOSED: Abhishek Mishra

Aam Aadmi Party supporter and serial liar Abhishek Mishra has been exposed lying on social media yet again.

Punjab and Goa recently held elections where Aam Aadmi Party fielded candidates. Ever since Aam Aadmi Party came into existence, all it has done is spread lies to stay in the limelight. Uttar Pradesh is currently having phase-wise elections and while Aam Aadmi Party is not fighting elections there, that hasn’t stopped them to spread their filth.

On 20th, Abhishek Mishra, who is followed by AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on Twitter and also periodically retweets his tweets, tweeted an image claiming BJP people are using “fake fingers” to cast more than one vote. While the idea is as ridiculous as it sounds, there is, as usual, no truth to the fact. abhishek-mishra

There was no proof for this tweet, but Abhishek Mishra, in all confidence is sure that BJP people have used these “fake fingers” to vote multiple times.

The mischief was exposed when it was found out that these are actually prosthetic fingers from Japan.


Why is Abhishek Mishra rumour mongering? And why is Arvind Kejriwal supporting him? Is this what Aam Aadmi Party stands for? Is rumour mongering all that these people could do? When will this madness stop?



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