EXPOSED: Shunglu Panel Report Exposes ABUSE OF POWER of Arvind Kejriwal

The Shunglu Committee formed by former LG Najeeb Jung has indicted Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government on appointments on the basis of 404 files.
1. The Shunglu Committee report questioned the appointment of Satyendra Jain’s daughter Soumya Jain. Soumya, who is an architect, was made an adviser to Mission Director, Delhi State Health Mission. Her expertise in Mohalla clinics was touted. The file contained no evidence of who approved her appointment. The AAP government paid her a salary of Rs 1.15 lakh from the period April 18 to July 14, 2016, when Soumya resigned from the post.
2. Committee also raised question on the allotment of 206, Rouse Avenue to AAP, a bungalow which was minister’s bungalow used as party office.
3. The committee raised question over allotment of Type-V quarter to an MLA Akhilesh Pati Tripathi for accommodation purpose.
4. The Committee has also said that Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal has been provided accommodation despite she not being entitled for one.
5. The Committee has raised objection over the appointment of Nikunj Agarwal as the OSD to the health minister. Nikunj Agarwal is a relative of Arvind Kejriwal.
6. Shunglu committee has raised objection on the appointment of several personal staff of ministers including Roshan Shankar as advisor to the minister of tourism, appointment of Abhinav Rai to the minister of transport, appointment of Rahul Bhasin in CM office, appointment of Gopal Mohan, a close associate of Arvind Kejriwal.
7. Abhinav Rai was hired on a contract basis with the designation of an Officer on Special Duty (OSD). As per rules, the appointment requires a vacant post of Upper Divisional Clerk (UDC). Rai’s salary was raised to Rs 87,000, which is approximately four times the salary of an UDC. The salary of an OSD cannot be raised without the permission of the Lieutenant Governor, which did not happen.
8. Shunglu Committee has also raised question on the appointment made under co-terminus basis, appointments of consultants and contractual appointments without following procedures.
9. Files have recorded instances of foreign travel undertaken by ministers either individually or as head of delegation. It says sanction of LG was not taken for all these.
10. Shunglu Committee is amazed at the number of special councils engaged by Delhi government.
11. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia appointed Parija P as a full-term member of administration in Delhi’s municipal taxation tribunal. Parija had no administrative experience and was unqualified for the post which required at least a secretary-level officer of Delhi to fill it.

EXPOSED! Arvind Kejriwal Asked To Repay Advertisement Expenses


Aam Aadmi Party has turned out to be more of Arvind Advertising Party where AAP has spent last year publishing Kejriwal ads in leading newspapers across the country. No other chief minister of any other state does that. Every radio station and newspaper across India had Arvind Kejriwal flashed across publicising his antics in Delhi.

In same breath, he would whine how Modi and LG aren’t letting him work. So, if he says they were talking about good work done by Delhi govt in other states, then by his logic, if Modi and LG didn’t let him work, what were they even advertising? How is this contradiction completely lost on this mad man?

But all is not lost. The LG has asked the Rs. 97 crore of public money spent on advertising Arvind Kejriwal back to the government.

EXPOSED! Arvind Kejriwal Misusing Public Money

jaitley fees

In what can be seen as blatant misuse of public fund and severe abuse of power, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wants the Delhi taxpayers’ to foot his personal law suit bill.

Arvind Kejriwal has hired top notch lawyer Ram Jethmalani to defend him against all defamation cases filed against him. A retainership fees of Rs. 1 crore plus Rs. 22 lakh per appearance in court has been fixed, which Kejriwal wants the public to bear expenses of. Over and above that, an appearance fee of Rs. 22 lakh per appearance is to be borne by Delhi public.

If Arvind Kejriwal filed a case, and in retaliation if defamation case is filed against him (and not Delhi Government), why should public bear the Rs. 4 crore expenses?

What a thief this cheap minister has turned out to be! Looting public who put faith in him!

#DarpokKejriwal: Kejriwal runs away from Gujarat

After being ridiculed on social media for his escapist tendencies, Arvind Kejriwal has abandoned his Gujarat visit. rally

In what is seen as a sensible move from the otherwise insane man, this is a good idea since he should concentrate on Delhi where he is (unfortunately) a democratically elected people’s representative.

Social media was abuzz today after this announcement with #DarpokKejriwal trending where everyone ridiculed Kejriwal for his yet another political publicity stunt.

Goa and Punjab losses have hurt the man the most. Hope he looks within himself and corrects his mistakes.

Kejriwal Gets Trolled On Twitter

Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal’s cyber army ‘announced’ his arrival in Gujarat on 26th March. Just yesterday the @AAPGujarat team cried fowl over their Twitter account suspension which we believe is their own doing.

Today early morning they started trending “#ગુજરાત_માં_આવશે_કેજરીવાલ” hashtag on Twitter when their minion one dentist (again, we believe it is a fake account, like most of Kejriwal followers are) posted this tweet:

gujarat aavshe1


Of course, their social media warriors got activated and pretty soon it was trending.

However, their plan backfired as more and more people started mocking the trend. After the embarrassing defeat in Goa where 38 out of 39 candidates lost their deposits, including AAP Goa’s CM candidate Elvis Gomes, the fact that Kejriwal is even trying to focus elsewhere other than Delhi is an extremely shameful matter.

Soon tweets mocking Kejriwal poured in and this is how it looked:

gujarat aavshe3gujarat aavshe2gujarat aavshe5gujarat aavshe4

This is how Kejriwal has reduced himself to a joke.

EXPOSED! Former AAP Leader Reveals Truth

As we all know Aam Aadmi Party has gone from bad to worse and has snowballed its way to becoming the worst ever political party to ever start up in Independent India (and we have even seen the Communists).

Recently, former AAP supporter Ranvir Shourey was attacked by AAPtards on social media after he criticised Supreme Leader Kejriwal’s dirty politics. The sequence of the event went as follows:


True to their image, the AAPtards attacked them for just giving an opinion which was critical of their beloved leader. How deep is their head buried in the ground that they cannot see the reality?

Meanwhile, Mayank Gandhi has written an open letter to AAP volunteers on his personal blog. Republishing it here verbatim. This truth needs to be spread far and wide to save those innocent volunteers who are still seeing some hope in AAP and Arvind Kejriwal.

Future of AAP – letter to volunteers

Dear AAP volunteers,

Hi, our quest for alternate politics is over.

Like in 1977, the leaders have once again betrayed the aspirations because of unbridled political ambition. Time to go back to whatever we were doing, feeling sad and violated. AAP may survive and maybe win somewhere and after some years, but it is already become like any another party. I realized it after the Delhi victory, many others realized later but some are still living in hopes. To all those wonderful, well-meaning and patriotic volunteers – its time to read the writings on the wall.

The feeling on the streets of Delhi is of palpable anger against AAP. Talk to any rickshaw, taxi driver or hawker, who were the main voter base and they are ready to physically hit AAP leadership. The calculation of doing well in MCD election was based on the cocky assessment of sweeping Punjab and then riding the crest of victory again to influence the Delhi voters. Now defeat looms in MCD.

There is no leadership nor support in Gujarat except on the Social Media. Gujarat will be another Goa. Goa was a small state, and after internal survey of 45% votes (another standard AAP trick), to lose deposit in 39 constituencies will be replicated in Gujarat. If they take any other state for fighting elections, the result will be similar. A small discredited coterie from Delhi cannot just descend and win elections. I have never seen that happen. Probably AAP may not fight Gujarat.

The only chance that AAP has now is to govern Delhi well, and forget fighting elections in other states. Stop the self-defeating hype and get down to do some REAL governance. Improving some schools and making mohalla clinics is not adequate governance, running a good administration is much, much more. Maybe, just maybe, after 3 years, they might get re-elected in Delhi and then AAP could probably offer a more efficient government – but that too looks far-fetched.

23 of the 67 MLAs of AAP have come from other parties, steeped in corruption. Most MLAs of Delhi have started corrupt practices. Ask any one on Delhi streets that are filled with AAP posters made of multiple faces, and they will tell you that AAP MLAs and workers have become as corrupt as earlier MLAs, if not more. Many files of AAP MLA and government corruption are with CBI and IT. The screws are going to be tightened. The CAG whom we used to quote to discredit other parties is passing strictures against AAP. Yet, we justify by pointing fingers at others.

There is a small group of people who run AAP and till now their focus was on other states and making Arvind the PM in 2019. They may restructure their goals, maybe do some drama of apology, but all that has been done before and might not be effective any more. Because of their insecurities and desire for control, they will not allow independent thinkers in decision making. Intellectuals and good people have grown antipathy towards AAP because of their cheap language and political up-manship. A party that came to change the political culture has vitiated it. So, improving the decision makers and the process seems difficult.

So, let me make my final points.

  • Some volunteers say that to stay in politics, one needs to COMPROMISE. But, AAP won 28 seats in Delhi without compromising. AAP won 67/3 by not compromising except in some seat distribution. We demonstrated that elections could be won without money, muscle and divisive agenda. The compromises started AFTER victory.
  • THEN, we started caste and communal politics. Like people, principles were also discarded. Seats were sold in Punjab, cash was taken in large doses, donation list was removed, no income-expenditure data was given for last 3 years and so on and so forth. Do you want to give your life for THIS? So, that some people can use-and –throw volunteers to fuel their ambition for power and money?

I have learnt a lot from my movement and political journey. I had quit my high paying job, but it was compensated with the knowledge and insights that I gained. I have neither become cynical nor bitter. As a person who had encountered similar betrayal during 1975 movement of Janata Party, I just thought that I should reach out to the wonderful volunteers – idealists, patriots and hopeful to say that it is over. We have been taken for a ride.

I am working on a nation building through rural transformation by adopting 15 villages in drought-prone Beed and doing 360 degree development ( I am personally in a good place, far away from any politics, due to the positive work that I am doing. I share your pain in my heart for being betrayed. Sometimes it is better to cut your losses.

Sorry if I have hurt any of you, that is not the purpose of this letter.

The truth is ugly and therefore your first impulse will be to impute motives to me, call me BJP stooge and attack me personally– it does not matter, it’s a normal reaction. My sole purpose is to share my views for you to take the right decision.


Mayank Gandhi

Read, learn and spread the truth.

EXPOSED: Truth About AAP Gujarat Account Suspension

Aam Aadmi Party is known for dramatics. They have no qualms in stooping down to the lowest of the low levels just to stay in the news.

As we said, Gopal Rai, AAP leader who had faked his own kidnapping when he was a student and with AISA, is now Gujarat campaign in-charge. He arrived in Gujarat and they “celebrated victory in Punjab” by cutting cake. gopal rai2

We will never know what goes on in that little brain of theirs. This was minutes before Arvind Kejriwal accused BJP of EVM tampering because their logic says if they win, it is AAP wave, if they lose, it is EVM tampering because Modiji darr gaye.

Anyway, today morning the world woke up to a nice and pleasant sunny morning. But not AAPtards. Kejriwal is scheduled to go to Gujarat on 26th March (we don’t know for what joy, because shouldn’t he be focusing on MCD elections in Delhi?) and hence Modi got @AAPGujarat and @AAP_Ahmedabad accounts suspended.

A party which lost 38 out of 39 deposits in Goa still has the audacity to scream from rooftops that AAP still has any relevance in India.

But then, with self-kidnapper Gopal Rai as the campaign in-charge, I am not surprised the got their own account suspended to play the victim card, which every AAPtard has an expertise in playing.